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Nick Burton of I4research who was kind enough to collect traffic data for free back on July, I finally got to meet up with him again. He provided with 160 Gb of data which has 3 days of video footage of cars driving on 3 day period. The analysis was very interesting, there were lots of cars driving 175 km/hr on that 100 km/hr road which was appalling and 85% of the cars there drove more than 100 km/hr increasing the risk of accidents. He mentioned the data was one of the missing jigsaw puzzle and further data like lighting, curvature etc of the road has to be taken into account before a credible answer could be stated. He mentioned how three years ago he worked with Public Works and stated the need to have seperate overpass for trucks so the damage to the roads (Rams Rd) could be minimized. As usual the reply was “we are working on it”.

I am heading to Traffic Police and hand over the data so it can be used for traffic analysis and hopefully they could come up with tangible and credible solution to close the -turns.


Remember I have done campaign to close the u-turn on E11 and have petitioned online and got free traffic data collection done (not forgetting it took week to get permission with my money) and raised awareness of the issue via newspapers and getting the promise of Head of Traffic that it would be closed.

I get a call from news reporter, Anna Zacharias that a Ukrainian lady, Dasha Puskhar lost her life on one of the u-turns on E11 . Sadly that was what I campaigned against almost a year back and it has been left open. Sadly as previously stated authorities mentioned they were working on it.

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