Today I headed to Dhiwan to meet the brother of Ruler of RAK.  I tried getting appointment but secretary asked me to drop by. I went there around 9 a.m and waited in the office then was led to meet a person who looked like Colonel and I told him about the plan to meet the Shiekh and discuss about the u-turn safety. He mentioned His Highness does not take care of this “trivial matter” and Dhiwan was place to discuss something like land dispute etc. He then proceeded to mention about about the hassles of closing the u-turn one has to drive 1 km more to make u-turn then he stressed about safety. He was kind enough to provide me the number of PR of RAK Traffic. I then drive to RAK Traffic and meet with the Public Relations guy. He was very friendly and said he would look into the matter. That time the Head of Traffic was on vacation. He was only first official to thank me for my work.