Stop third rated university

Stop third rated university

My cousin graduated on that inauspicious convocation day along with my deceased sister.  He told me ” Preston is unaccredited university” that sentence made me curoius about the history of univeristy.  After seeking the services of the all-seeing search engine, Google, this is what Wikepedia stub has to say :

“Preston University is a private for-profit unaccredited university”. The Straits Times said, “Preston University was forced to move its operations to Alabama because of the crackdown of diploma mills in Wyoming state.”[1] On February 6, 2009 Preston University was ordered to cease and desist operations by the State of Alabama for failing many of the standards enacted for educational institutions in Alabama. Preston University is now based in Los Angeles, California.”

Wow open an university with American name and promise people that they are getting American degree, scam them. That explains why they have professors in the university with so called American degree but lack that basic demeanor and respect. It was due to one of the professors who unprofessionally threatened my sister’s fried to give her a failing grade which  caused unnecessary accident. At least by mentioning my sister’s name and the cause they could have passed a message to students about safely driving, wearing seat belts and other safety procedures which could have saved lives in future. Most students here drive recklessly without any seat belts .

I was curious as to who owned the university and who was responsible to hire such irresponsible people. Well further reading revealed everything

“Preston University is owned by Abdul Basit. Who lives in Pakistan. Abdul Basit is associated with Maxine Asher who started World Association of Universities and Colleges (WAUC). It is not recognized by United States Department of Education nor by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Abdul Basit was vice president of WAUC. WAUC accredits Maxine Asher’s own school, American World University, and at one time also accredited Preston University.

Maxine Asher, an Atlantis researcher who founded and operates American World University, an institution which sells academic degrees, selling mail-order degrees which pay for accreditation by that body.

A degree-fraud expert who has worked with the FBI has described AWU as “dreadful, useless, and terrible“,[5] while a former temporary employee describes the operation as a “total fraud”, stating that Asher told her to write comments on students’ papers “so that students would feel like they were being read”.[5] University of California, Berkeley professor John Bear, an expert on diploma mills, has described AWU as a “mail drop”.[9]

This is the fun part :

In 2004, Asher was forced to close down the World University of Iowa, a Hawaii-based institution similar to AWU.[6] As part of a summary judgement, she was ordered to cease operations, refund tuition money to all students, and pay $240,000 in damages

Wow you do me a favor and I do a favor by creating fake organizations helping degree mill. Preston university founder (pictured below) is involved with many philanthropic organizations.  Yes, like drug lords who sell drugs, make money  and try to clean up the act by doing some charity work.

P.S – I have received mails asking to “tone down my hatred”. To them my reply is I am not doing this as an act of revenge, I am doing this to create awareness and to save you and your loved ones from the acts of these unscrupulous people and dark side of bueaucracy.