Stop third rated university

Stop third rated university

Today was her convocation and my parents were personally asked to go and pick up the degree which my sister had been working for past three years. I had later come to know these girls were in hurry because the teacher Mr. Zeeshan asked them to join mandatory session else they would fail my sister’s friend Aisha. Aisha dragged my sister along in a hurry and the rest is history.

The university had the decency to charge my cousin for the convocation. I hesitated to go there but gave in when my parents told me the university would observe a minute of silence, mention my sister’s death and provide account of her death in the newsletter. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity where my sister would be honored.

We head to convocation of Preston university early 8:30 a.m and wait for an hour for the shiekh to arrive ( shiekhs are customary late here). Two hours go in with president’s , registrar’s and guest’s speeches. Even there was 30 minute theatrical recitation of poem praising the shiekh.

I head out to take a break but the doorman tells me there can’t be any movement with shiekh inside for security reasons so if I leave the hall I can come back only when the shiekh has left. I had to refill the parking fees so I had to leave. I head back after an hour and after much convincing to the doorman I get in.

I ask my mom if they observed any silence or did pay any respect to my sister’s death. She said not yet. I see my cousin picking up his BBA degree then when my sister’s name was announced there was NO mention of her demise and my cousin picked up her degree. I wait expecting them to mention anything of her death after the degrees were handed out but still no mention whatsoever.

This point I was incredulous and could not believe they lied to us. I thought may be in the lunch hall they might mention something about her. I head with my mom at lunch hall at 1 p.m just to wait for grueling one and a half hour just to hear an announcer speaking with an accent “Lazies and Gentleman, we have zome entertaintment for you today“. Then a bagpiper started playing, my stomach churned and I was burning inside with anger and disappointment. A lady then announces that there are newsletters and yearbook published up to be picked up.

I head to check if at least they posthumously mentioned her name and the circumstance surrounding her death. I open the yearbook and turn the pages and check the graduates of Preston university only to find my sister’s picture missing! I check the yearbook ten times then check the newsletter no mention of my sister’s death whatsoever! “WHY DIDN’T THE UNIVERSITY HONOR MY SISTER?”

At this point I was dazed with anger, the buffoonery stage dance combined with mismanagement of the university just drove me nuts. I confronted Mr. Sadiq Sohail who is the Chair of Fashion Design. He blamed everything to simple “misunderstanding”. He explained my family and my cousin apparently asked them not to publish pictures nor mention death of my sister. That moment the cousin chips denying all above. On contrary we traveled just to see her to be honored. I could see the Chair hiding his face which is gesture that he was lying. I yelled I was disappointed at him and the university.
How could a university with barely 3000 students not mention a demise of a student who died on the way to the university? How could they ignore circumstances my sister died and at least pass on the message of safe driving to students.

All I know that as long as my generation is alive we will name and shame this third rated university and speak negatively about it.