Next morning we head to police station to get permission papers but before that we head to the RAK court where I met the prosecutor again. His demeanor just enraged me and i just had to leave the room.  Downstairs I meet a clerk who happened to know my dad. I ask him if he knows any contact info of any witnesses. He tells me court will take care of it. I tell him that I as a brother want to know about the truth behind the accident. He smiles and mentions the same statement like a machine. Well this country has majority of government employees following “monkey see & monkey do” activities.

We then head to police station to take permission to withdraw the car this time there was a guy who knew english.  God bless him.  We got our papers after fifteen minutes of waiting. My uncle called up the recovery vehicle and me and my cousin headed to the police site.  There I meet two Yemeni police who barely knew english so we had to use sign languages and use whatever Arabic we knew.  We gave our shot and called up my uncle who talked to the police. We found out we werent allowed to take the vehicle yet but just to take stuffs from the vehicle. Good God! We send back the recovery vehicle.  Then we head to the site and I was heartbroken to see the extent of damage to the car. Beloew are the pictures of the car.  Note there is small dent on the right side of the car which was first impact and the car supossedly lost control and hit the tree more than 100 kph

I took the stuffs from the bonnet , most were fashion designing related stuffs. I got “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book from the car.  I used her car on December when my friends came over from Canada and it was a good solid Mercedes. If it would have been Camry or Corolla she would have been dead on impact. The constable was getting impatient and asked us to hurry up. After getting all the stuffs we had to had back to the office where the Yemeni officer checked the stuffs and wrote down the items taken. After signing documents he said soemthing which me and my cousin didnt get it. He asked soemthign about medical. Then after 5 mins of him explaining we got it. He wanted to know where could he get medical books for his relative. We gave him our advice and hoped whoever his relative was he/she be responsibel medical personnel.